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Engage with the Web3 Community to build Trust and Authenticity

Unlock the full potential of your Web3 project with our expert Community Management service. Say goodbye to struggling with disorganized communication, inactive communities, and missed opportunities.

With us, you can confidently streamline your engagement, foster active participation, and boost your Web3 brand’s presence. You’ll experience a vibrant and well-managed community, where your users feel heard, your project thrives, and you maximize your impact in the Web3 ecosystem.

What We Do

  • Growing the community by creating and promoting content, organizing events, and recruiting new members.
  • Engage actively on key platforms.
  • Managing the community by moderating discussions, resolving conflicts, and enforcing community guidelines.
  • Foster collaboration and knowledge sharing among community members.
  • Stay updated with industry trends and adapt community management strategies accordingly.
  • Creating and managing educational content to educate community members about the project and the underlying technology.

Here are some brands we've partnered with to help nurture the Web3 community

In our role as Web3 Community Managers, we’ve been entrusted with curating the Instagram presence of NFTYC – the pioneering phone case brand that seamlessly merges the digital and physical worlds. Since November 2022, we’ve been dedicated to not only showcasing the myriad applications of NFTs but also fostering meaningful engagement to foster the growth of the NFTYC community.

We’ve achieved remarkable results. Witnessing an incredible surge in their Instagram followers, we’ve propelled NFTYC’s presence from a modest 456 to an impressive 38.5k-strong community. This achievement reflects our commitment to effectively communicate the boundless potential of NFTs and cultivate an enthusiastic audience that shares in NFTYC’s vision.

They want to continue working with us to manage web3 community on Twitter and Instagram.

web3 community manager
web3 community manager

We’ve overseen UploadVR‘s Twitter and Facebook accounts since February 2022. UploadVR, a prime source for virtual and augmented reality news, tasked us with sharing tech applications and updates to bolster community growth. Our efforts have driven remarkable results—taking UploadVR’s Twitter followers from 2207 to an impressive 153.8k. This attests to our prowess in conveying VR/AR potential and fostering an engaged audience.

We’ve been steering Bitcoin Depot‘s social media presence since May 2022. Operating a vast network of 6,000+ Bitcoin ATMs, Bitcoin Depot tasked us with magnifying their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook impact. Our mission involved spotlighting Bitcoin ATM applications, cryptocurrency education—especially around Bitcoin—and promoting their digital solutions.

We’ve achieved remarkable growth. Notably, Bitcoin Depot’s Instagram followers surged from 506 to an impressive 70.8k. This showcases our success in conveying Bitcoin ATM advantages, propagating crypto knowledge, and fostering a dynamic community aligned with Bitcoin Depot’s goals.

web3 community manager
web3 community management

We have been managing Okcoin‘s Twitter and Telegram accounts since December 2022. Okcoin, a secure cryptocurrency exchange, entrusted us with the responsibility of sharing exchange applications and updates to educate and strengthen the community. Our efforts have yielded remarkable results, increasing Okcoin’s Telegram members from 11 to an impressive 3,500. This demonstrates our ability to effectively communicate cryptocurrency potential and cultivate an engaged audience.

We’ve been managing Blippar‘s Web3 Community since August 2022. Blippar provides augmented reality solutions and offers user-friendly tools for DIY creation. Blippar entrusted us with the task of amplifying their impact on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Our mission involved highlighting VR/AR technology, showcasing their products, and providing education, particularly in the realm of VR/AR, while promoting their digital solutions.

We’ve achieved remarkable growth. Notably, Blippar’s LinkedIn followers have surged from 1,217 to an impressive 15,944. This demonstrates our success in communicating the advantages of AR, disseminating tech knowledge, and cultivating a dynamic community aligned with Blippar’s goals.

web3 community manager

How much to boost your Web3 projects with our Community Management?


1. Community Engagement: Daily monitoring and engagement on Web3 platforms, forums, and social media channels (upto 2 platforms).

2. Content Moderation: Ensuring a positive environment by moderating discussions and handling user queries.

3. Announcement Updates: Posting regular updates and announcements to keep the community informed.

4. Weekly Reports: Summary of community interactions, key discussions, and engagement metrics.

5. Basic Issue Resolution: Addressing common user issues and providing initial support.
$ 1500 / Month


1. Comprehensive Community Engagement: Daily proactive engagement and interaction with Web3 communities, fostering meaningful discussions (upto 3 platforms).

2. Content Creation: Producing engaging content, including articles, blog posts, or videos, relevant to the Web3 community.

3. Event Management: Organizing and promoting community events, webinars, or AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions.

4. In-Depth Issue Resolution: Addressing complex user issues, providing detailed support, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

5. Analytics and Strategy: Detailed analysis of community metrics, insights, and monthly strategy sessions for community growth.
$ 2500 / Month

Note: Pay in Cardano (ADA) cryptocurrency and get a 7% discount.

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