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Why Should you Invest in Influencer Marketing?

In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency and blockchain, identifying and partnering with key influencers has become a paramount strategy for businesses looking to expand their reach and stay relevant. These influential figures possess a significant following, and their endorsement or support can provide unparalleled exposure for your clients’ projects or products.

One of Web3 MoJo’s primary responsibilities is identifying and partnering with key influencers in this rapidly growing space. By doing so, we can effectively extend our clients’ reach and enhance their brand visibility. 

How Does it Work?

At Web3 MoJo, we’ll help you build an influencer campaign strategy, locate the influencers, negotiate a reasonable price, work with them for you, and handle all of the contract details without stress, worry, or confusion.

Once we’ve found the perfect influencer and platform, we’ll handle the price negotiations, and then assist them in creating amazing content that showcases your products and services.

After that, they’ll blast the awesome content to their massive following, giving your brand, products, and services tons of exposure.

We will continue to produce great content and keep the engagement and conversions flowing in until we reach the agreed-upon metrics.

We can even negotiate a deal where you can continue using an influencer’s content even when you’re no longer collaborating on digital marketing! Meaning you’ll have access to all images and graphics used during the process so you can continue driving engagement and hit two goals with one ball.

What We Do

Influencer Research & Matching

Utilizing our robust marketing influencer management platforms, we search for influencers that align with your strategy by looking at their followership, style, audience demographics, and more.

We also pay close attention to engagement rates and make sure the influencers we pick don’t have fake followers. We always find a real audience to share branded content for our marketing customers.

Service Negotiation

We’ll handle all communication with the influencer to get you the most bang for your buck on social media. We know influencer rates can be confusing but we’ll make sure you never overpay someone for what you’re getting in return.

We will also take care of all the legal paperwork, contracts, agreements, and statements of work, ensuring that everything is in order and the collaboration runs smoothly for your company.

Monitoring & Tracking

We keep an eye on the influencer’s content to make sure they’re delivering everything as agreed, on time. Additionally, we track the post metrics on our end to gauge the effectiveness of the influencer campaign.

We have a full suite of tools to measure results and provide you with detailed statistics.

How much do you need to pay to boost your Web3 projects with influencer magic?


1. Influencer Identification: Research and selection of 2 suitable Web3 influencers matching the brand's niche.

2. Campaign Strategy: Creation of a customized influencer marketing strategy for each influencer.

3. Content Creation: Coordination and approval of 2 sponsored posts or videos per influencer per month.

4. Performance Analytics: Monitoring engagement metrics and campaign performance.

5. Monthly Report: Detailed report summarizing reach, engagement, and impact of influencer posts.

6. Campaign Management: Ongoing communication and coordination with influencers for seamless campaigns.
$ 2000* / Month


1. Influencer Identification: Research and selection of 3 high-profile Web3 influencers in the brand's sector.

2. Campaign Strategy: Comprehensive influencer marketing strategy, including multiple content formats and engagement tactics.

3. Content Creation: Collaboration for 4 sponsored posts or videos per influencer per month, ensuring diverse content approaches.

4. Performance Analytics: Advanced analytics tracking for in-depth insights into influencer-driven audience interactions.

5. Monthly Report: Detailed report with insights on reach, engagement, audience demographics, and ROI analysis.

6. Campaign Management: Dedicated campaign manager for proactive influencer coordination and strategy adjustments.
$ 3000* / Month

**These rates are flexible and can be increased based on influencer preferences, campaign goals, and budget. Customizations include the number of influencers, content formats, and engagement strategies tailored for the Web3 industry.**

Note: Pay in Cardano (ADA) cryptocurrency and get a 7% discount.

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